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Pool Fresh Service Agreement

PLEASE REVIEW CAREFULLY. ​By paying your monthly bill, you are accepting this
agreement. This agreement can be canceled by either party with a 30 day notice.
Contact us at “​​” or call ​209-683-5075​.
One-time $49 Start Up Fee
Weekly service from Pool Fresh Inc includes the following:
  • Chemical Only Service
    • Chemical Testing
    • Balance pH and add Chlorine as needed
    • Special treatments we include: Algae and Clarifier
    • Special treatments we don’t include: Phosphate, Metal, Scale, Enzyme, or Stain Removers
  • Chemical Plus Service
    • Items listed above, plus...
    • Empty skimmer baskets
    • Empty pump baskets
    • Empty cleaner bag (if applicable)
    • Backwash sand filter (if applicable)
  • Full Service
    • Items listed above, plus...
    • Brush pool walls and steps
    • Net pool surface and bottom
    • Does not include vacuuming pool (automatic cleaner recommended)
    • Cartridge or DE filter service 3x per year*
What is your responsibility to retain pool service?
  • Pay for your service on time (due the last day of every month)
  • Maintain proper filter pump run times for your pool (avg. is 6-8 hrs each day)
  • Maintain proper water height (pools without an automatic filler)
  • Maintain pool equipment in good, working condition, including pumps, filters, cleaners, etc.
  • Provide safe and easy access, including unlocked gates to your pool and equipment. We are not able to safely service your pool with aggressive animals in the yard. (If we are unable to service your pool for access reasons, your monthly charge will remain the same.)
Important Notices:
  • Invoices will be emailed/mailed the first week of every month, which are due the last day of each month.
  • Your service will automatically be suspended after 10 days past due.
  • Once we have received the past due amount and weekly service has resumed, you may be responsible for extra chemicals and/or cleanup from the lack of service during the suspension.
  • Maintenance items such as skimmer baskets, pump baskets, tab floaters, pressure gauges, o-rings, etc. will automatically be replaced at extra charge by Pool Fresh Inc. These wear and tear items are required to keep your pool in good operating condition. We will only replace them when they are broken or not functioning properly.
  • Any maintenance items/parts will not exceed $75 per year without your approval.
Standard Service Frequency: 48 Weekly Visits per year (Unless special agreement has been made)
  • Inclement Weather Policy - rainy/strong wind (we will catch up as soon as we can, usually the next day)
  • We may only clean pump and skimmer baskets for Full Service if we provide service on rainy/windy days.
  • Holiday Weeks - You will still receive service this week, but it may be delayed by a day.
    • Memorial Day (closed May 28)
    • July 4th (closed July 4)
    • Labor Day (closed Sept 3)
    • Thanksgiving (closed the week of Thanksgiving, Nov 19-23)
    • Christmas (closed Dec 20-26)
    • New Years (closed Dec 31 - Jan 1)
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